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Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

The ultimate convenience food...

  • Have them as a quick, protein snack
  • Bring them on a road trip with veggie sticks
  • Juggle them in the air, to impress friends
  • Pack them in a kid's lunch
  • Make delicious recipes with them

3 Steps to Easy-to-Peel, Perfectly Hard Boiled Eggs

For perfect hard boiled eggs we're looking for eggs that are slightly older. When submerged in cold water, these eggs will float a bit or even tilt. On the other hand, really fresh eggs (good for omelets etc.) will sit at the bottom. Expired eggs will float to the top— don't use those.


Place eggs in a heavy pot, cover with water and a lid. On high heat, bring to a rapid boil.


Remove from heat and let sit in the hot water, covered, for 15 minutes (set a timer, Silly)


Now it's time for a 15 minute ice bath. Gently transfer the eggs to a bowl full of ice water. This cools them and makes them easier to peel.


At this point you can keep them in the fridge (for up to a week) or prepare accordingly.

I like my eggs to be dry before I crack them. Also, peeling eggs under running water can make them soggy.

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